E. N. Hines Drive is well known in S. E. Michigan. It is a tranquil park-like winding road connecting Detroit, Livonia, Plymouth and Northville. The speed limit is low. No one who is in a hurry ever takes Hines Drive. But, those who have the time absorb the sounds of a babbling brook, take in the ease of paddling ducks, or marvel at the sight of trees donning their Autumn colors.

Saturday I loaded up my road bicycle on to my truck. My intent was to attempt my longest personal-best trip this year down quiet and picturesque Hines Drive. Hopefully, I had trained enough to surpass my previous distance ride in one hour’s time. Mentally prepared for a solitary ride through scenic Hines Drive, I was in for a surprise.

When I unloaded my bicycle, climbed aboard and pulled on to the road with pedals churning, I found myself surrounded by joggers, skaters and cyclists who sported a lot of pink. I must have fit right into this fund-raising crowd. It was the annual benefit for the fight against breast cancer.

People walked, others jogged, many journeyed with friends and chattered away. Serious cyclists passed me like I was standing still. Others pulled children in trailers, seniors flowed along at casual speeds. But, one passion linked these separate lives together.

Hundreds of pairs of eyes met mine. Many of us locked our gaze for a few seconds. Then, a smile was traded and a quick nod of the head. Few words were exchanged, but the message by survivors, fighters, and supporters alike was clear: be strong.

While loading my bike after my longest ride in my cycling career, my thoughts weren’t on this record setting ride. The color pink lingered long in my mind. Nameless faces bonded together for a common cause.

Lonely people felt connected. Hurting people were encouraged to be strong. Loads of money was raised. A lot of people got the picture of what we can do together when we share a common cause. Is your life linked to a cause? It doesn’t take much . . . just a look, a heart, a moment.

Eager for HIS Return!
Bruce Fong