My neighborhood is under siege. During my morning hike I lost count on how many homes are for sale. I don’t have to go far to see the phenomenon. Clusters of homes are on the market: five to the East, three to the West, four more to the South.There are some sad stories that are linked to these sales. Of all the homes that are for sale seven homes in my neighborhood are under foreclosure.

No one chooses to let that sad end come to their dream home. That kind of reality must come with other hardship, some unexpected set of circumstances, or a surprise that overtakes a family.

The story around here is even sadder. Of those seven foreclosures, four families just walked away from their homes . . . their dreams . . . their memories.

I sigh deeply when I imagine the grief that these families must still be facing. Our state, our beloved state of Michigan is in trouble.

Many of these fine folks have lost their jobs. They are moving to other parts of the country to try and start over. Tears, bitterness, heartache are left behind. Hopefully, they are heading for healing some where else. Maybe they can recover the American dream in another state.

This morning I woke up in my own bed. Today I drive to a job that is still promising. Tonight I go to sleep in a house that I still call my home. When we count our blessings we can find rest.

We don’t rejoice over those in trouble. Rather, our faith tells us to appreciate the good things that we have now. None of us knows what tomorrow holds.

Gratitude is an attitude that makes this day worth living. Are you one of those who is blessed today? I am. Be grateful and tell God “Thanks.” I have.

Eager for HIS Return!
Bruce Fong