For months I have been hearing birds chirping when the sun begins to rise.  Every morning they seem so close when I wake from a great night’s sleep. For a while I thought that they were outside of my window, in the trees.  Eventually, I would discover how very wrong I was!

They were in the trees.  I saw many birds perched in the branches. But, there were more birds that were very close.

When I listened closely, I suspected that my house had been invaded.  It’s my own fault.  I was going to solve this problem last Fall.  But, I was busy and I forgot about the problem.

During that time I had hired an electrician do some installation work for me.  Some of his work had to be done in the attic.  So, I mentioned to him to take note of any holes that were letting birds into the attic.

He finished his wiring and did a splendid job.  I forgot to ask him about the birds.  He never mentioned any such news, not once volunteering any observations.

Finally, when I had a free Saturday and remembered that I wanted to hunt down the birds, I grabbed a ladder and climbed into my attic.  Then, I realized why he never mentioned that he saw any birds.  There were no birds in my attic. Now, I was confused.  Where were they?

Once I closed my attic trap-door and put away my ladder I did a perimeter check around my house.  I found a hole in my outside wall about 12 feet up.  It was about the size of a small apple. 

A sparrow fluttered from above and grabbed on to the side of my house.  Near that hole in my wall it chirped at me and disappeared, letting the hole swallow him up.  Aha!  I had misjudged the location of the birds for months. 

They weren’t in the attic.  Their hole wasn’t that high.  Judging by the hole in the wall they were just inside, between the siding and the sheet rock.  They were inside the wall!

Like the old hymn says, His Eye is On the Sparrow.  Maybe I can pray them out, ask God to relocate them.  Surely, it wouldn’t be much trouble for Him.  This little brood of birds sure is noisy.  It sure would be nice to wake up to peace and quiet once again.