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One morning I rearranged my schedule. It wasn’t hard to do. When I can schedule a meeting during breakfast, I will. That is my favorite meal of the day. Besides, I am always ready to meet with a friend.

He wanted to eat breakfast late. Our rendezvous time was 8:30AM. Since my usual wake-up time is 5:30AM I had three hours to assign for other projects. That’s not too difficult.

First, I spent a chunk of time writing. Then, I spent my usual time praying. Have you plugged-in time spent for prayer as a key part of your day? It will change your day to be both productive and satisfying.

Finally, I had some bank business, planning and organization to do before I was off to breakfast.  A big clock in my office kept me on schedule.  My internal clock for promptness kept me on schedule.

My buddy picked the restaurant. It surprised me. I had been past that location many times but I never remembered the restaurant. But, once I rounded the corner, there it was. He arrived first.

We had the usual pleasantries.  There were a lot of laughs.  Good natured teasing is a part of what men do.

It wasn’t long before we were into the meat of life and its challenges.  My friend is alone.  His marriage disolved officially in this past year.  I watched him travel down that painful road.  It is a horrific experience.

The process of a marriage coming to an end is ugly.  Two who know each other closely and now have rigid lines of bias against each other is painful to watch.  Knowledge used to cause pain in the life of another is a sad experience.  Intimate knowledge used to inflict deep agony is unimaginably excrutiating.

All I could do was listen.  He talked.  He talked some more.  Then, he talked even more. 

Breakfast was served and we both poked at our food.  We stirred our eggs around and nibbled on our breakfast meats a bit.  But, the real reason for meeting was for one to talk and another to listen.  There was no great advice to be given.  So, I didn’t give any.

He picked up the tab.  We shook hands.  He smiled.  With his smile he expressed his appreciation for our time together.  He wanted to do that again, soon.  I watched him drive away.  Loneliness is the pits.