November is the month to celebrate with thanksgiving.  We gather with loved ones and collectively remember all of our blessings.  Sitting down to a feast helps us to remember the bounty of our year full of God’s goodness to us.

By now our family has scheduled the time off from work.  We have set aside in our calendar a journey that will have our rendezvous at our daughter and son-in-law’s house.  Greetings will be with hugs, laughter, teasing, and of course Lhasa Apsos excitedly barking.

Naturally, the food preparation for dinner is a high priority.  The fixings are just an excuse to enjoy each during the preparation and the meal is merely an addition to the conversation.  Stories and testimonies will flourish.

We have some fun activities scheduled too.  Our family has a lot of routine stuff that we like to do together.  Traditionally, we always see at least one movie together.  It’s the event that makes it fun.

With great stealth I casually interview my family to find out their highpoints of the year.  I bring my computer and began composing what I discover.  There is plenty of time to write. 

I’m one of the few early birds in our family.  So, I’ll be off to a free wi-fi location and compose while sipping on a cup of hot tea.  It’ll be a chance to reflect over the blessings from the Lord.

I’ll start of with each family member and get a picture of all that highlighted their past year.  Then, I’ll pause.  That’s when I get to put together the blessings in my life.

Then, I’ll put it all down from Dusty’s perspective.  He is our late family pet.  After a bout with cancer and 15 years of great family memories we elected to put him to sleep.  But for years he was my amanuensis.  That’s a fancy word for scribe.

Now that he is gone I will have a special time to be creative.  I’ll still use Dusty as my remembrancer.  Now, however, he will be in canine heaven.  He will be writing as our Guardian Dog in the Sky.

The theology of heaven is not as clear as people often assume.  There are more questions than answers about what heaven will be like.  So, there is a lot of room for some creativity while being respectful of God’s Word.  Mostly, it will just be fun to write from a dog’s perspective and give family and friends a reason to smile.