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sunsetThis is New Year’s Eve. The last hours of 2008 is a mere few hours away. It’s been meaningful to reflect over an amazing year.

Family rates up at the top of my favorite memories. Long talks, serious discussions, and fervent prayers pepper those relationships. Decisions that alter the lives of my children have not been uncommon this year. Each time the Lord has blessed, guided, and given affirmation when we have sought His wisdom together.

One of my hardest decisions was saying Good-bye to our Lhasa Apso, Dusty, after fifteen loyal years. He was such a character. But, in the end cancer won and a mercy decision was the right thing to do.

Friends shape and mold my soul more than any other situation in life. Laughter, provision, help, encouragement, advice, consolation, warning, smiles, tears, hugs, surprises, gestures, unspoken gazes, cheers and prayers are all a part of deepening what already exists between hearts knitted together with eternal threads. What would any of us do without our friends?

2008 was the year for privileged travel. My frequent flyer miles took me to Israel, South Korea, Quebec and South Africa. In those very special places I walked the land and met great people and experienced the blessing of God that before I only thought would be in my dreams.

I was also back in one of my favorite places in the world, Oregon. The beauty of the NW was refreshed in my soul. Visions of hikes below towering Douglas fir, gazing at majestic Mt. Hood, skipping along the shores of the vast Pacific Ocean, combing for sea shells on the endless beaches and smiling at jet skis spouting up giant rooster tails on the mighty Columbia River all contribute to the serenity that fills up my senses.

Back at home I love thinking about the lives of special people. Joint Heirs are members of the Adult Bible Fellowship that I teach. It is a treat to be their teacher.

Michigan Theological Seminary was a highlight. It’s an amazing collection of great people who are all deeply devoted to the Lord and determined to make a difference with their lives. God’s transformation of lives is a regular occurence in this place.

When it comes right down to what made 2008 special, it was all about people. I am grateful for those people that I love. Of course it is a blessing to also be loved by them. Happy New Year!


Dapper Dummy by edgoldstein007.

What does a man do when he’s fulfilling the role of a chauffeur?  The Mall is often the destination for such services.  That is not the favorite site that men enjoy. 

Men frequent the Mall out of support, not out of desire.  Haven’t you ever noticed how few stores have men in mind at any Mall?  There is rarely a sporting goods store.  But  even more there are clearly more stores that sell exclusively women’s clothes, bath items, cosmetics, home decorations, etc. 

On top of all of this is the prolific amount of Kryptonite used in the construction of the Mall.  All of the supermen are systematically drained of their super powers.  Most men are lost in a semi-state of consciousness due to the toxic effects of Kryptonite.

Together my wife and I wandered from store to store.  She was enjoying the relating to all of the products that each store had on display.  I was busily concentrating on counting tiles, avoiding stepping on the lines, and occasionally watching some of the peculiar people who strolled the concourse.

We stopped into a bath and beauty store.  It was not my favorite.  After five minutes I had run through my interest checklist to make the visit meaningful.  But, the overwelming fragrances of lilac, raspberry, Autumn mist, and Winter solstice, drove me back to the front door just to breath in some non-scented air.

At the door I was fixated on the Christmas decorations.  Hanging high above the walkways were tinsel drapped decorations.  These graceful shapes were decked with colorful oversized ornaments. 

I was dressed in my black rain coat.  It is double breasted with shoulder tabs.  My maroon Western boots, Nacano buckle, wool scarf and Bailey black cowboy hat make for a hot looking outfit.  I was mezmerized with the surrounding Christmas decorations.

That’s when a woman walking down the concourse, scanning the stores that she was passing, glanced in my direction.  She did a double-take.  Her walk faultered as she turned to take two steps in my direction.  She stared at me in puzzlement.   At first I thought that I was supposed to know her, so I smiled.

Right at that friendly countenance exchange did she start laughing.  She waved her hand at me confessing, “I thought that you were a  mannequin!”  Of course I joined in her laughter and shouted after her as she continued her shopping, “Thanks for the compliment!”