Now is the season for Christmas gift shopping. This is a favorite part of the season. We have a list of people that we want to give a token of our appreciation and love.

Yes, love is a big part of the expression of this season. It is a good thing to be able to love others. Jesus wants us to do this. It is not an inappropriate emotion but a righteous expression of our devotion.

The spoken word is not a validation of true love. Some people say the words but there is nothing real about their love. But, devotion, loyalty, commitment, trust, forgiveness and the like is what makes love genuine.

Our list is filled with people that we love. They are people that we have told that we love them. I have even written to these special people that I love them.

This shopping for these dearly loved people is one of the few times when I enjoy the activity of shopping. For me shopping is like a project. I set out with a determination to accomplish the goal. It is an objective to conquer! Ahoogah!

My list was completed with one stop. That was a total of seven gifts. On top of that we kept the project under budget! Success was sweet.

But, my wife had her list. It wasn’t as long as mine. Many stores and several days later, I am smiling broadly as I watch her go through the process of her shopping.

Women do not shop to conquer an objective. They are into the experience of enjoying the search. It is not even a search but a stroll, a time to relate to many products.

Even something as functional and utilitarian as an electric spinning toothbrush has to be contemplated, considered, and compared. Men just look, grab the cheapest one and leave the store. Women pick up each variation, examine it, put it back, pick up the next one, turn it over, put it back, pick up another one and compare it by holding it up to the last one, cock their head for a different perspective and on and on while we men stand as a patient sentinel guarding this moment of shopping by the female species.

But, the sights and sounds of the season made the extended shopping festive. It was fun. Now, we’re both done! Hallelujah!

photo credit: Google image