I sat at my desk, hung up the phone and reached for my books. That’s when something caught my eye. There on my office window was the silhouette of a creature that I despise.

Throughout my life I have crossed paths with the insidious creatures. They have threatened me many times. Several friends have been victimized by their bullying disposition.

Their diminutive size gives them stealth. But don’t be deceived. They are as ugly as they are fierce.

Usually, these vicious animals are gone for the winter. This one found a warm place to remain active. It was a dastardly wasp.

It was staring right at me with its compound eyes. I stared back and postured myself to be as intimidating as I could. He was going down.

My desk drawer slipped open easily. That’s when I grabbed a handful of rubber bands. Now, the hunt was on.

Silently I stole up on this insect of the most painful variety. Once within range, I loaded my finger with a rubber band and slowly pulled it back to a full draw.

Before I launched my first shot, I made sure that a second shot was ready. These winged stingers are unpredictable. After years of hunting these menaces I was wary.

Carefully, I practiced open-eyed sighting. Instinctively, my sites lined up on the today’s target. Then, the power in the band was released.

The twang of the shot was followed by the snap of a direct hit on the glass window. The wasp disappeared, like it was instantly flicked away from existence. But, I knew better.

Carefully, I lifted the blinds and found the wasp on the window sill. It was clearly mortally wounded. My single shot had found its mark.

My garbage can was perfect for dispatching this horrid critter. I set it back next to my desk and left my office to pick up some lunch.  Back at the office I sat down and sorted out my meal. That’s when an unsuspecting movement on my desk top caught my eye. It was the wasp!

It had crawled out of the can, crawled up on to my desk and tried hiding under my computer. That’s when I grabbed a paper towel and smashed the threat under fist. It was an instinct.

My prey was done-in.  Men are created to be protectors. Courageously we react to dispense with any threat. Relax world, you are safe!

photo credit: google image