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Tuesday is Election Day.  Have you planned it into your schedule?  Everyone of us who is eligible to vote should do so.  A lot of blood has been spilled to give us the privilege.

No, I’m not trying to be morbid.  Rather, I am simply pointing out something that should be so obvious that it should not have to be brought up.  Like a rhetorical question that needs no answer because it is obvious, so Election Day should be just as predictable for all free Americans.

Whether it was the fight during one of the World Wars or scouragesa in Viet Nam, Korea or in the Middle East, brave men and women died so that we could live in freedom and peace.  Honor the lives of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and be an active part of this amazing country with your faithful citizenship.

In past years this kind of encouragement would have been enough.  But, as I listen to the unbelievably negative ads, I also am convinced that good citizenship needs thinkers out there.  Emotions need to held in check.  Prejudices and party loyalties cloud good judgment.

The politicians aren’t above negative attacks against their opponents.  Honestly, I don’t know if the campaigns are more dirty this time around when compared to times in the past.  However, the current election season always seems dirtier than in the past. 

When an ad is nothing but critical, judgmental, disrespectful about another human being, albeit, opposition candidate, my antennae start to tingle.  Then, when the originating candidate comes on to approve the ad I laugh.  Approving the criticism about an opponent does NOT automatically make the critic qualified for the job.

So, like so many times in the past, THINK before you vote.  Do a little research.  Then, just like bad friends corrupt good morals, pick your candidates based on the friends that they keep.  While their public general claims would appeal to all, even the slowest slug on the rain riddle ground, so the most out of touch voter can gather a sense of a candidate from the list of endorsers that every candidate must publicly post.

Choose your values.  What is important to you?  What issues mean the most to you?  Make sure that your candidate makes it clear how they will represent legislation once they are in office.  Now, that you have all that straight, go out and cast your vote.  God bless America!

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