We who among the redeemed are burdened to share the good news with others.  Our past constantly reminds us that we are forgiven people.  That amazing relief and joyful fellowship with Christ makes life worth living. 

Like hungry people ourselves who have found bread, we want to tell others where to find the food. There is plenty for all.  Yet, the pangs of lowness drive people to futile directions.

When they hear the news of the cross, it doesn’t seem possible to them.  It is more like a child’s story than a genuine solution to their own problem of sin, guilt, loneliness or fear.  They fail to realize that their own sin keeps them the very solution that will free them.

God has provided a solution to man who flies in the face of human reason.  The path toward eternal peace requires man to abandon his own self-efforts for salvation and humbly come to God on His terms.  Pride keeps people from doing this.

The best and brightest of men may reject God’s solution of grace and mercy but God’s way through Jesus Christ transforms lives for eternity.  While God continues to save all who come to Him in faith, those who are wise in the world’s eyes see this solution as foolish.  God’s assumed foolishness is eternally strong, while man’s best cannot gain any eternal merit at all.

For those of us among the redeemed, we have humbly realized that our salvation was not a matter of intelligence, position or pedigree.  Nevertheless, while we lack the world’s values God chose us anyway.  Knowing that we were despised by the world, keeps us humble. 

We know that what we have in Christ was not because of what we are or what we could do.  A Christian, then, lives his life knowing that God’s grace is a gift.  The credit for all that we are and hope to be is then given to Him.

God sovereignly chooses who He will graciously give his grace.  He alone determines who will benefit from a relationship with Christ.  Without His gift of faith our plight in sin renders us helpless even to believe.

The sheer joy of being the recipient of His grace and the relief that comes salvation in Christ should elicit a reaction.  Celebration is fitting.  But, the object of this exaltation should be Christ and never ourselves.  He did it all for us.

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