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Kevin is a bright software specialist working as the CEO of the international company, ENCOM.  At night he is telling his dreams of programs for the Grid to his young son, Sam.  Unexpectedly, Kevin disappears.

Twenty years later Sam Flynn answers a mysterious page message.  Sam investigates his father’s secret computer office in the basement of Flynn’s old arcade.  There he is transported into the Grid.

The learning curve in the Grid is steep but Sam doesn’t have time to ease into this world of O’s and 1’s.  Identity discs are introduced. They are weapons, sources of power and serve as extensions of program versatility.

Then, Sam is thrust into the arena and finds himself competing in a wild Light Cycle match.  This action sequence is outstanding. It is fast, novel and action-packed.

Sam is a novice.  He performs well. His own motorcycle skills come into play. He is natural. A beginner at this competition he sees the benefit of team work. That concept is foreign to the programs but produces great success.

Disaster is averted when Sam is rescued. Quorra (Olivia Wilde) makes her spectacular entrance.  She takes Sam into the Outlands where the programs don’t venture for fear of instability. 

Once in the hideout, Sam and his father, Kevin are reunited.  In their ensuing conversation, Sam learns that Clu has seized control of the Grid and eliminated the ISOs (isomorphic algorithms).  These programs were the hope of discovering great advancement in science, medicine and even religion.  Kevin was trapped in the Grid when his portal closed.

Sam, Kevin and Quorro choose to try an escape. They must reach the portal before it closes.  If they can escape back into the real world, then they can eliminate Clu by reprogramming the Grid.  They are intercepted by Clu’s soldiers.  Now, another chase scene with Light Jets keep the excitement raging. 

Sam and Quorro escape. Kevin sacrifices himself to buy them time to make it to the portal before it closes. Once confused, insecure from the loss of his father in his, Sam is now a changed man.

Alan, long time loyalist to his father meets Kevin in the arcade. Sam announces that he will be assuming his rightful place at the head of ENCOM. He has his fathers values and dreams firmly ensconced in his heart.

This was a fun movie. I wasn’t a fan of the original. But, this one was worth seeing.

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