We are moving.  Three robberies in less than a year has motivated us to find a safer place to live. Enough is enough. 

Our home is not a fortress, but it should be safe from intruders bent on inflicting harm.  The loss of serenity due to the evil in the hearts of a few criminals has to be addressed.  It is time for dramatic action.

The good thing about this move is that we are experienced movers.  This will be our third move in three years.  It sounds like we’re nomadic, eh? 

We can assess the steps that we need to get packed up again.  First, we make a mental list of supplies that we need.  Next, a quick internet search sends us off  for essential supplies.

Once we return to our home we unload boxes, tape, packing material and start to distribute the supplies in strategic locations around our modest abode.  Then, I pull up my calendar and start to work backwards from our move date.  Once I select the dates for our move I send out an appeal to my brothers and nephews, “Lend me your muscles and strong backs.  Oh, yeah, bring your pick-up trucks too.”

Next, I mentally rehearse the steps in our move.  Then, I check online for a reputable mover.  My philosophy is that I will have us amateurs pack and move as much of the little stuff as possible.  But, the big heavy stuff, I’ll hire professional gorillas to muscle those items around.

Over the years I have learned that the pros avoid the nicks and gashes that could mar our furniture.  But, even more, the pros protect the place from which I move as well as the new place where I am moving.  They pad up the banisters, carpet, steps and walls. 

When God created man in His image He spread the variety around.  Some of His creation can take a heavy upright piano and smoothly transport it from one site to another and there won’t be a scratch on it.   A beautiful instrument deserves professional attention.

Systematically, Yvonne and I are finding pockets of time in the busy lives that we live to fill one box after the next.  She is packing the fragile items with care.  Together we are reducing our home into a condensed collection of boxes made from recycled materials, just like we are cycling through the packing once again.

photo credit: google image