Our new home is wonderful.  Yvonne and I have enjoyed its location and close proximity to many shops, restaurants and markets.  It also gives us easy access to the freeways making our once laborious journeys swift and easier to manage.

But, before we can really call it home, we have to unpack.  Yep, we are living in a forest of boxes again.  It seems like it was just a year ago that we were in the woods of stuff packed into neat 1.3 cubit foot corregated storage containers.

Then, it was just a year before last year that we were moving boxes from one place to the other.  That’s three moves in three years.  You might think that we are experts at this and it gets easier and easier.  Ha!

Moving was very efficient this time.  We had far more less to move this time.  With each of our past relocation moments we substantially reduced our earthly possessions.

We both had a good idea of how to pack our stuff, at least what we had left.  There was no need to write out lists.  We don’t have that much any more.

But, maybe we should have made a list.  I have been looking for a few important items.  First, it was my electric razor.  It was missing for a long time.  For a while I was sporting the lumberjack look.

Second, I was looking for a rain jacket.  Of course it has been raining for the last several days.  Finally, it was found!

Now, I’m still looking for my power cord for my cell phone.  There are now a dozen boxes that I have opened hoping that my power cord would be there.  It has not materialized. 

There are a few more boxes left to open.  Before I can get to them, however, I have to find some place to put everything that I have taken out of the last dozen boxes.  But, I’m tired.

I was so pooped that I looked up the stairs and wondered if there was another option to climbing them.  Oh, I forgot to mention that to get to the boxes that I opened I had to move solid oak dresser down the stairs, a rolltop desk DOWN the stairs, two full sized solid wood bookshelves down the stairs and a few other large furniture pieces into our garage.  Moving is not my favorite passtime.  Digging through a haystack would be much more desirable.

photo credit: google image