My morning began with eager thoughts of an exciting day.  Lists were forming in my mind while I slid out of bed.  Routine matters of hygiene and refreshing queued up one after the other just like clockwork.

Quietly I stole out of  our bedroom so I wouldn’t disturb my bride.  She deserves the rest.  I’m the one with skid marks beside my bed not her.  Steadily I padded down the hallway and took a quick look outside.  It was raining. Dark clouds filled the sky. 

The refractive sunlight assured me that it was day time but there would be no shadows caused by the sun any time soon.  The water-laden clouds were hanging low with shades of grey shifting with the strong winds above.

Our window was decorated with droplets.  A pattern was imperceptible, instead the splashes of H2O were evenly distributed across our pane.  With a steady beat of showers, droplets combined with others and together broke the limit of surface tension and sent a dribble racing down the clear glass.

I did not stop to look much longer.  Instead, I confirmed the amount of rain by scanning over our rain-soaked street.  Puddles filled many impressions along our asphalt street. 

My office was my next stop.  After filling my pockets with my daily necessities I descended our stairs.  That’s when the weather of the day had its primary impact on my routine.

The handle to the door of our coat closet fit neatly into my hand.  A swift thrust and the door opened without a struggle.  A cavernous closet opened with a choice of outward garments to measure up to my whims.

For years my raincoat had served me well.  My travels in different countries and many states in our union all have shared that same weather phenomenon called rain.  This coat had protected me with warmth and dryness.  It would do so again for me today.

After slipping it on I realized how comfortable it felt.  This was not an unusual abnormal emergency-only garment.  Instead, it was a familiar friend, well-travelled buddy and constant protection against the rain.

Nothing changes much when the rain begins to pour.  My routine and appointments stay the same.  This stand-by rain coat has insured that life goes on in spite of the weather patterns.

Let it rain, let it shine or let the winds blow.  The life that God gave me to live will press on.  I only regret that I washed the car yesterday.

photo credit: google image