San Francisco is an amazing city, a fabulous metropolitan area, an adventuresome place to explore.  Don’t bother making an exhaustive list or you’ll never get out to see it all.  Instead, keep a short list of collected ideas that could fill your day-off.

But, be careful.  On any given day-off with our list in hand we get so excited about exploring, experieincing and enjoying that we overlook a necessity of great importance.  This kind of oversight can add to the odessey of the day.

Yup, you have to remember where you parked your car.

When we set our GPS to lead us to our priority destination, we are excited when we weave through the streets of San Francisco and hear our “Karen” announce, “You have arrived.”  Then, it is a scramble to find a parking space.  It has not been unusual for us to roam the area in ever widening circles looking for a space.

When a space appears, we grab it. Sometimes we stop traffic to push our way into a designated curb spot.  San Franciscans all know about this exercise and demonstrate unusual patience for others who are in the process of parking.

There is a lilt in our step after we feed the meter and walk toward our objective.  But, that satisfaction quickly disappears when we replace it with our enthusiasm for the reason we are there.  So we laugh with gusto when we shop, eat or sightsee.

When our first stop is completed and it is time to move on to our next destination, we are startled.  Yvonne asks, “Don’t we go that way?”  My response is non-verbal but confidently definitive, “Hmmm…humph…er…uh…um”

Then my homing pigeon navigation instincts kick in, “No, I think that we go this way.”  My uncertainty is enough to make the rotation of the earth to hesitate.  “Is that our car over there?  Where did we park that thing?”

So the two of us wander around aimlessly trying to retrace out steps.  Neither of us remembered to bring the bread crumbs to leave trail on the sidewalk.  My mind drifts toward the parable of the lost coin.  I reason, “If God could help someone find a lost coin, surely He could help us … there it is!  See dear?  Just trust me and I will never lead you astray.  Are you OK? It sounds like your gagging.”

photo credit: google image