Monday is my day-off.  But, this Monday would NOT be a day for fun and frolicking.  Instead, today would be a work day; we are moving.

We have a new place to call home.  For the last couple of weeks we have been collecting boxes, packing boxes and organizing boxes.  Our garage is our staging area with categories ready for loading.

Over a number days we moved boxes and boxes of our earthly possessions downstairs into the garage.  Regularly, I would scan the mounting mountain of stuff and marvel that we were Costco, Wal-mart, Target, Marshalls, Home Depot and Cabela’s all wrapped up into one distribution warehouse. We  could open our own discount small box distribution center.

But, moving is a side matter.  We are excited about moving or maybe we are motivated to do so.  The past robberies have us in a suspicious state.

whenever an unsavory sort walks by our complex, we watch them with an eye of suspicion.  We live on a block in the city of San Francisco that many use as a walking corridor to catch the bus into downtown.  Most of these pedestrians used to look normal. 

Since we became victims of a common city crime we are tackling every suspicious person who even glances at our apartment.  We frisk them, take their picture, water-board them until they confess every sin in the past year and then we invite them to church.  It keeps us busy.

In between population wrestling, we load Bubba with another load of our worldly stuff and head off to our next home.  We download everything that we just loaded a mere 9 miles away.  Then, we carry them up the stairs.  Will there be elevators in heaven?

It struck me during our ascending of the stairs that each time we have moved I have gotten older.  Now, I huff and puff then sit and rest when I am moving boxes.  Maybe a large dumpster should park on the driveway and I’ll pause and ask do I want to carry this up the stairs or save a climb and dumb this load?

Yeah, I’m just musing.  I’m afraid that if I did order a dumpster, I just might jump in it and take a nap.  Hey, leave me alone. I’m tired and ache all over.  I didn’t even know that I had muscles where I’m hurting right now.

photo credit: google image