My philosophy in life is simple: “Any reason for a party!”  There is a serendipitous joy in celebrating, especially with people you love.  When we ratchet up the happiness, there is something about the depth of life that we experience.

Today is my birthday and I am celebrating.  It’s more than a one day phenomenon.  This kind of reason to go berserk lasts around a week.

Yvonne and I had a quiet celebration last night.  Together the two of us went to a restaurant of my choice.  It is a place in Pacifica, by the ocean.

The parking lot rests on the raised rock wall.  It is located near Rockaway Beach.  When you park along the seawall, get ready to meet the Pacific Ocean up close and personal. 

Strong waves wash into the wall and send up tall plumes of salt water spraying over your vehicle.  squealing children race back into the arms of their laughing parents who knew to stand 20 feet back.  First-time tourists stand in shock, soaked and dripping with a baptism by the sea.

Yvonne and I timed our exit.  “Are you ready?” I chuckled.  “Ok, ready!” Yvonne responded like a pilot ready for an airplane take-off.

We both raced across the lot and to the safety of the restaurant.  An empty table by the window awaited us.  The sun was still high off of the horizon.

These are times when reminiscing is fabulous.  The stories we rehearsed are familiar to us.  But, like warm fuzzies, our memories gave us a chance to relive wonderful moments.

The food came.  It was delectable.  Yvonne had scallops.  I was suffering through prime rib with the bone in.  The bone was all that I needed.  Do you understand that?

Our dessert was not eatable.  Instead, we sat inside of Bubba, my trusty pick-up truck and watched the sunset.  Periodically, I turned on the windshield wipers so that we could have the drops of sea water removed from the windshield and enjoy God’s creative brushstrokes of color painted on the canvas of the darkening sky.

Colors brightened on the clouds that huddled at the horizon.  They captured the fading sun rays and enhanced their final hues for human eyes to enjoy.  Then, the sky grew dark. 

It was time to start the engine and head home. This was a great way to spend the beginning of a lengthy celebration.  I love a good party!

photo credit: brucefong photography