Hump Day: what a name for Wednesday, eh?  It’s in the middle of the week.  People who have a hard time going to work and enjoying the work that they do, find some encouragement that they have made it half way through until the highly valued weekend comes around again.

Getting over the hump in the middle of the week gives some people a psychological edge to downhill it to Friday.  I find that funny.  It is just a great day to pick up momentum of the week for me.

Yes, I am blessed since I love what I do.  It energizes me to have the responsibilities that rest on my shoulders.  Creativity and productivity and supervision are all a part of what I do. 

But, Wednesdays are more flexible that some other days.  If meetings don’t fill up my day then, I hit the books, surf the net and study hard.  To keep me really going I do a simple lunch, just to keep me in the office.

Several overriding principles governed my lunch today.  First, I wanted to dine in order to keep working. Second, I wanted the meal cheap.  Third, I was hoping to find something that was good tasting, at least something fun to eat.

At noon I gathered my amazing meal on my desk.  I paused to thank God for the meal.  After that there is no complaining allowed, only cheerful delight.

I had a 12 fl oz of Pepsi Max.  It was refrigerated to just the right temperature.  The can was frosted and wonderfully cool to the touch. 

Next to the beverage of choice was a bag Frito’s.  I like corn chips.  They are ideal for scooping.

Then, the central focus of my meal sat distinctively alone.  It was a can of sardines.  But, these were not ordinary sardines.  They were enhanced with mustard sauce and kissed with dill. 

Once the pull top of the sardines was opened, the fragrance was distinct.  The corn chips served as chunk separators and food scoops.  Each bite was delectable!

Washing the meal down with a bubbly cola was very satisfying.  Choosing a mustard sauce kept the normal sardines aroma down to a minimum.  I wasn’t expecting that side benefit.  I’ll have to file that piece of information in my memory banks.

I stuffed my used napkin into the sardine can.  Then, I pressed the pulled-top back in place and tossed everything into the garbage can.  Simple, delicious, satisfying and a snap to clean up.

photo credit: google image