My brother-in-law was sporting a guy-thing-grin.  Something was up and all I need was a few more minutes before it all spilled out.  Most likely I wouldn’t even have to ask.  It didn’t take long.

“I got my Mahi Mahi mount,” his grin was one that he couldn’t wash off if he had tried.
“Really? Where did you hang it? I’d really like to see it.” I exclaimed with genuine enthusiasm.
“It’s not hanging up yet. I just got it delivered yesterday.  In fact I was hoping that you could help me hang it,” he asked with a hopeful tone in his voice.
“Let’s do it,” my willing spirit had no problem jumping in on this project.

Chuck waved me to follow him.  Together we strolled into his living room.  On the far side was a narrow box sitting on the floor.  It was probably a foot wide, six feet long and about three feet high. 

He pulled open the top flaps and we peered inside.  There mounted on a 2×2 scrap of plywood was a fiberglass replica of a monster Mahi Mahi.  “Wow!” was my immediate verbal response.

After the admiration lingered, I had to ask, “How long did it take you to land this monster?”
“Hey, I didn’t look at my watch when I hooked it,” he laughed, “But, it probably took at least a half an hour.”
“It is gorgeous!” I spoke the truth.

We hopped into the car and headed to the hardware store. The single worker showed his years with his grey hair but demonstrated his experience with his knowledge in advising Chuck on how to hang this trophy.  This salesman knew the kind construction that was in Chuck’s house and the  challenge of drilling a mount that would be strong enough to keep this once in a lifetime catch safely mounted above the many guests who come to admire it.

Back at the house the cordless dress began its multiple tasks to take the crate apart, remove the mounting brackets from the fish and then to prepare the bolts that would anchor the prize.  Each step was overshadowed by our care to handle this gigantic fish so that it would not be damaged by a drop, collision or bobble.  It was stunning to look at the amazing color of this highlight of God’s creation.

Once it was hung, we all stood back and gazed.  There weren’t many words spoken. It was perfect!

photo credit: google image