“Bruce, I can’t find my phone,” my wonderful wife spoke with a tone of concern in her voice.
“Oh, oh…don’t worry.  We will find it,” I stopped my end-of-the-day chores and started looking.
“Maybe I left it in the car,” she wondered, questioned, theorized all at the same time.

When we lose something, we often retrace our steps, pull back and watch our lives from a third person perspective.  Then, we alternate our view of every part of our recent routine.  Our countenance grimaces and we think and think and put a cramp in our brain trying to remember.

Before I went out to the car, I thought that I would take a quick scan around the house.  We are busy unpacking boxes of stuff from our recent move.  It would be easy for something essential to be buried under something. 

Nothing was obvious.  I looked twice.  Then, it was time to be creative.

I pulled out my phone.  Next, I dialed up Yvonne’s phone number.  Finally, I pressed, “Call.”

Timing is everything.  Just when I thought that I heard something, the furnace turned on.  The loud fan washed out all subtle sounds, especially a muffled cell phone trying to answer my call.

Yvonne came downstairs.  “What are you doing?” she asked with hopeful curiosity.
“I’m calling your phone,” I revealed with high drama.  “But, the furnace is so loud I can’t be sure.   I think that I hear your phone but I’ll have to wait until the furnace turns off.  I just turned down the thermostat.”
“I think that I hear something too,” she lit up like a prospector who found a gold nugget in a mountain stream.

We waited until the furnace finally stopped.  With the house now quiet, I dialed her number up one more time.  Faintly, in the distance we could hear the sound of her phone.  Like a lost puppy stuck in a hole, whimpering for help, Yvonne’s cell phone was ringing some where close by.

I turned left and headed for the dining room.  But, the sound grew fainter.  Yvonne turned and headed right. 

She did not wander like me. Instead, she was on a beeline to a destination.  En route, she exclaimed, “It’s in my apron!”

Swooping down like a hawk claiming its morning prey, “Here it is!”
“Great!” I exclaimed, “check to see if you have any important calls.”
“Hey,” she responded, “I have four calls.  Oh, it’s just you…” (smirk)

photo credit: google image