For most of my Saturday I was busy with errands, studying and enjoying Yvonne’s company.  This Saturday, however, I had an eye on the clock.  At 7PM I was signed up for a Bassist Clinic held at our church.

It’s a new thing for me.  Playing bass guitar is not a strength of mine.  But, I know how important this instrument is to worship.

Every ensemble  builds on the foundation that the bassist lays.  That instrument interfaces with the drummer, lending tone to the rhythm of the percussionist.  Their tag team music gives the band the structure to establish a link.

So, I was curious to sit in on the clinic taught by Norm Stockton.  He is a professional bassist playing with major worship groups, sponsored by major labels and music sponsors.  We are blessed at Sunset Church to have a connection with him through our Worship Director, Claura.

My life doesn’t cross roads with this world of worship and music from the performance level.  I value this talent pool as much as any, but I don’t share that talent with them.  If I could take a pill to enable me to be one of them, I would do so without hesitation.

Through a very stormy night I made my way to our CE auditorium.  A gathering of musicians took their seats.  I enjoyed meeting a number of new people.

The clock struck 7PM and the clinic began.  Norm introduced himself, won a friendly rapport with us in the audience, then, substantiated his skills with a solo bass piece that left me with my mouth open.  It was stunning!

I didn’t if I should gaze at his left hand dancing among the frets of the neck or stare at his right hand thumping, plucking, slapping or picking at the five strings on his 535 bass guitar.  What we as an audience of worshippers usually “feel” during meaningful praise is what we were treated to hear unfettered on Saturday night.  It left me smiling, deeply curious and thoughtfully contemplative.

After the clinic, I met Norm in person.  He was ver approachable, whimsical, thoughtful, fun, cheerful and sensitive to the things of God.  We had a delightful first meeting. 

Over the next months I’ll get to know him better.  I will connect with him on FB and Twitter.  But, even more I’ll hear the sounds and rumble from his CD that is now mine.

photo credit: google image