Yes, I have admitted it. One of my values for our family is “any reason for a party.”  Whether it is a legitimate “value” or whimsical momentary excuse, it really does not matter.  We have fun with it.

Tuesday was one of those moments.  Jeremy our third offspring celebrated his birthday.  We all jumped in to help make the day memorable. 

At a local restaurant twelve of us showed up to party it up.  Ten of us were relatives.  Two more were good local friends of his. 

That distinction didn’t last long.  By the time everyone showed up and the decibel level rose to fill the smallish eatery, we were are family.  Partying has a way of blending everyone into one happy gathering of love and memory-makers.

There was plenty of teasing going on.  Reliving goofy moments of the past enfolded those who did not share in the episode but jumped in the later historical revitalization.  Now, we could all own a funny moment of history.

No one who took pictures had to urge anyone to smile.  It was a common countenance feature on all dozen of the faces that surrounded the table.  Even the waiters came by and added their glee.

First on the necessary agenda was the food.  Everyone had a chance to order their Thai cuisine.  The fragrance that came with the serving made everyone lose thoughts of hunger. 

It was time to feast.  My dish was a venture from my normal foray into Thai dining.  Usually, I order Pad Thai or Pad See Yew. 

Tonight, I took an adventure.  The BBQ ribs sounds delicious.  But, how would an ethnic flavoring touch my palate?

Once the plate was set before me, I had to fight off my relatives who were sitting around me.  Hands were creeping closer and closer.  Slowly I wrapped my hands around the knife on the the table.

Creepy hands reversed direction.  Food nappers changed their mind when the defenses went up.  My posture added an exclamation mark with that Lionhearted look and a hearty laugh.

Everyone chose well.  The aroma of fragrant food added to the cheery conversation.  We all had our fill.  Lots of food was shared.

Then, the climax of the evening came.  A Birthday cake was served.  It was an angel food cake bountifully decorated with whipped cream and plenty of fresh fruit.

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!  I love you!  You are a blessing.

photo credit: bruce fong photography