We are loving our new home.  It is comfortable, conveniently located and of course very secure.  We are getting used to living here and it’s only been a few weeks since we moved into our new digs.

However, we are still trying to evict some of the former residents.  They are tiny little guys.  But, their diminutive size belies their persistent intrusion into our lives.

They are insects.  These invaders are not soloists.  Rather they are a colony.  They are ants.

These little critters have marched on our routine of living.  We have found them all over the place.  Most of them have crawled around in the kitchen.  Because of them we clean thoroughly

I took all of the proper steps to eradicate them. First, I sprayed the outside found of the house.  That effort alone seemed to reduce these animals remarkably.  But, we still clean thoroughly.

Second, we placed ant traps in some their most popular spots.  Under the sink, along counter tops and in corners of the kitchen floor.  Again this reduced their appearances.  We can tell since we clean thoroughly.

Now, our upstairs has been ant-free for weeks.  Our living room and family rooms are lived in only by humans now.  But, the kitchen is still a party place for these endless parades of critters looking for food.

We clean the counter and tables spotlessly.  Our garbage is carefully wrapped, sacked and taken out regularly.  Whenever we see a black spot moving along the counter or floor we go into attack mode.

Along with the rest of humanity, we don’t feel good about spraying insecticide around areas where we eat or prepare foods.  But, we don’t want these explorers to be crawling over our meals either.  So we clean thoroughly.

Aggressively, we pounce.  Quickly we smash.  With vigor we crush the invader.

Always we are talking while wreaking our vengeance.  Sometimes we are shouting.  Literally in mid-flight we holler so that the rest of the colony can hear and shudder.

My landlord and I had an email exchange.  I wanted to make sure that he knew that we were not carelessly attracting these animals with sloppy living.  He assured me that he understood.

That’s when he gave me the bad news.  While sudden rain storms or warm weather activates these ants he also heard other formidable news.  Daly City, where we live, is one giant ant hill.  Sheesh!

photo credit: google image