The sun was shining brightly.  Temperatures warmed the day.  It was time for shorts and a T-shirt. 

We grabbed our cameras and headed north.  On our San Francisco list was a special curiosity.  Spring would have been ideal since the plants would have been blooming. 

The weather never cooperated on my day-off.  One time it did.  But, when we found a parking spot and walked to the front gate, a notice apologized that the popular tourist spot was closed.

Finally, a great weather day coincided with my day-off.  Our obligations were minimal.  So, we again grabbed our cameras and headed north. 

A parking spot opened up nearby our destination.  That was a treat in itself.  A space for our car within walking distance to our final objective brings a smile to my face.

Together Yvonne and I walked.  The Japanese Tea Garden was just up ahead.  It is located in the East side of Golden Gate park.

Nearby are the Botanical Garden, the Natural Science Museum and the Art Gallery.  A grand landscaped open theatre is also located there.  People mill about along with joggers, cyclists, strollers and people just out for a relaxing time.

We paid our modest entry fee.  There’s something about this garden that is relaxing.  Serenity is all over this place. 

Is it the design?  Are the placement of the trees, plants and ground cover in harmony and then spread that peace to visitors?  Maybe it’s the well placed water features that quell the troubled soul.

A quiet little fountain, a koi pond with colorful massive fish or maybe a decorative babbling brook draws the spirit of all men and women to a time of respite.  Tall trees break up the heat-filled sun rays.  Benches are plentiful for a rest and a moment of reflection.

There are only a few blooms left to enjoy.  Even those left-over flowers are showing signs of wilting.  They are few and far between.

But, the shades of green that remain give an inviting variety that highlights the texture of the garden.  The red leaves of the lace leaf maples put the striking contrasts on display.  Both depth and softness have taken over the summer growing season.

The sun takes its place in God’s creative tapestry as well.  It is high in the sky.  The rays dance through the boughs of the tall trees.  Colors are not around but there is plenty of remarkable beauty for a tranquil time in the middle of the Creator’s garden.

photo credit: brucefong photography