My wife and I drove home from church today deeply fulfilled.  You probably don’t hear that very often.  Too often the reaction to church is nothing short of sheer boredom, political squabbling or petty complaining.

First, we had a number of laughs with the people that we first greeted.  They were all smiles.  Even though some of them had a tough week with health, economic challenges or stressful situations, they were cheerful and glad to be at church.

Worship was first class.  This was my third Sunday to be with this body of believers and I was again blessed as the music team took to the stage to lead us all in corporate worship.  I have been privileged to experience worship with other Christians all around the world.  It is almost self-evident when the worship enraptured those who participate and bring them before the Father as the Audience of One.

When I speak I am totally focused on the message.  My mind and heart are racing through the details as a rehearsal in solitude.  Often when worship occurs, I am lifted above my human preparation and get immersed in the presence of the Almighty.

Two of the band members knelt to pray on the steps of the platform before they took their positions.  I was touched to see their personal devotion to the Lord leading the way of their use of their talents.  More than a show it was their sincere heart of dependence that knitted my heart with theirs.

The normal tension of anticipating my speaking role eased quite a bit.  There was an ease about the upcoming delivery that I was enjoying.  Now, for a moment I was with the body of believers who were setting their concentration on our Lord.

Briefly, I could simply offer my heart to the God of Creation and not concern myself with trying to do a good job with the speaking.  Now, I could be just as real and sincere before God without any pretense.  I was thoroughly enjoying this moment.

Great worship is the common denominator for believers who follow the Savior.  This church is a long way from where I live now.  But, that moment is repeated so often every Sunday with believers here in the city by the Bay.  Worship ties us all together because of who we worship together, Jesus.

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