My vocational transition has taken me from one challenge after the next.  One of the most disheartening ones was the need to sell our Michgian house.  God was taking us to the Left Coast, that required us to unload our house in the mitten state.

With little time and limited financial resources I interviewed a few Real Estate agents.  One of the agents came with a very impressive visual presentation.  He had a number of recently sold homes, homes that are currently on the market, and he had pictures, data, and comparisons to introduce me to the current market struggle. 

This introduction into the real estate market was a reality that was even worse than my annual medical physical exam.  There are no easy ways to see all of your financial investments from that last thirty years evaporate in less than an hour’s time.  It was all bad news.

We have all heard of sticker shock when we are in the market to buy a new automobile.  This is just the opposite of that kind of experience.  Here it is not just a matter of not being able to purchase a house.  This is a scary moment when we sell our house but have to pay extra to unload it.  There is no profit in the current depressed market.

My story is sad enough.  But, after talking to several agents the stories in just our neighborhood are even more disastrous.  Several of my neighbors had ended up in an upside down financial mode, realized that their homes were worth far less than what they owed.  For them it forced them to simply walk away from the homes of many family memories.

My wife and I have cheered each other on through this difficult challenge in our lives.  We are packing, discarding, setting aside items to give away, and piling up stuff that we can’t quite yet decide what to do.  Many are facing this difficult struggle.

The great bottom of our world housing market has fallen.  Greedy people, bad people and evil people took advantage of good people for their own selfish gain.  But, while the timing was bad, it was a decision that needed to be done.

It was a choice between sickness and death.  The only other choice instead of a short sale was foreclosure.  For us that agonizing sale was painful, but it could have been a lot worse. 

photo credit: brucefong photography