My ride swings by to pick me up at 6AM.  It’s a late start but it works for everyone else.  The sun won’t be up yet but a dozen of us guys will be raring to go.

We are going fishing.  The Pacific Ocean has a cluster of rock fish just waiting to accept our invitation to dinner.  Our rendezvous point is the harbor in Half Moon Bay.

Each of us is to bring our own tackle.  That consists of a pair of shrimp flies.  They are colorful lures made of feathers, plastic and thread. 

There are customarily two flies per set.  This is a length of fishing line about 15 inches long.  It has a loop on one end and a snap swivel on the other end.

The loop attaches to the fishing rod line.  An 8 ounce weight is connected to the snap swivel.  It’s most effective when live bait is attached to each of the flies.  Both the movement of the bait, the smell of the bait and the color of the flies are a great means to attract fish. 

We are going out with an experienced Captain.  He knows where the fish are congregating.  When tells us to drop our lines, it will be the beginning of eager anticipation.

Before that happens, I must get my tackle ready.  All that I need must be compact and easy to carry.  Each piece of equipment is tested and prepared for that moment to haul in the catch.

My clothes are versatile.  It will be wet out there.  The ocean always has a way of baptizing the seafarers. 

I will bring two rods.  One is a spinning reel on a medium weight rod.  It is fun to fight a big fish on that rig.

Then, I will bring a heft rod with a level wind Penn reel.  That one will bring the bruisers.  To start I will use the light weight set up.

With a sensitive rod tip I can tell if I get a hit much better than on the stiff rod.  The strikes are definitive and my reaction time can be timed perfectly to bring home the evening meal.

Most important of all is my scop patch.  It will keep me from getting too sick on the rolling waters of the Mighty Sea.  Gotta keep fishing.

Everything is together on the garage floor.  I can grab it and go in the AM.  This is going to be fun!

photo credit: google image