Our home was prepared to welcome our evening company.  It has been months of trying to find a common date for all eight of us.  We protected this date.

The carpet was happy and clean.  Yvonne and I shared in picking up our stuff.  She dusted and I moved furniture.

She happily arranged the food for the night.  I carried our portable BBQ grill from the garage to the backyard.  Then, I lugged the propane tank over the same route.

Then, while Yvonne plied her culinary skills in the kitchen I set the table.  I had to un-set it when Yvonne saw me putting out paper plates and plastic ware.  She laughed at me and directed me to put out the stoneware instead.

The door bell rang.  Laughter and fun began right away.  Our little grill fired up right away.  The sizzle and aroma wafted through the house, making us all very hungry.

For many more times the doorbell rang.  Each time happy guests came in, increased the decibel level and gave us more reasons to laugh.  We laid our dishes on the table, decorating it with the fare for the evening.

We billed the evening as a pot-providence meal.  Everyone could bring whatever they wanted and we would simply trust God, thanking Him for the result. 

It was to sit down.  Everyone grabbed a seat.  Someone then announced what we had all observed.  Everyone had brought a meat dish!

This was a meal that would make any MAN grin.  There was pork, chicken, lamb and beef.  The chicken came in three different flavors.  All were delicious.

To be fair Yvonne and I added canned corn to the piles of meat.  It was consumed completely.  We all joked at the absence of the color green.

Of course several people simultaneously pointed to the green peppers that were a part of the kabobs.  We were soothing our oversight.  That’s when I pointed out that we had plenty of variety in our anticipated dessert.

Dessert had plenty of variety.  We had strawberry cheese cake.  To that we also had apple pie. 

Who can have pie without ice cream?  In addition we had almond jello and oatmeal laced cookies.  Surely, there was some kind of balance in this feast.

Food aside Yvonne and I love this staff.  We enjoy the ease of conversation, the natural discussion of dreams and the openness that we share with each other.  Too much fun!

photo credit: google image