We stayed at my sister’s place.  That is where we begin our vacation.  We have a vague timetable for our time off from work.

Four days will occupy our attention until our first engagement with our daughter and close Portland friends.  Our planning is easy just so that we relax and slow down our normal high-speed pace.  On day 1 we will head toward Klamath Falls, OR.  To get there we might stop at Bernie Falls, Lava Flow National Monument and Tule Lake.

To get there we will need a good night’s sleep after a long day of preaching.  Opening up the Scriptures and feeding His flock is a passion of mine.  But, it is physically demanding.

Yvonne and I were discussing how much we have been looking forward to this trip.  That’s unusual for us since we can’t remember when we last took two weeks in succession for a vacation.  I admit that I did bring some work with me.  Bad!

Of course I will attempt to keep my blog queue flowing with words describing this part of our spiritual pilgrimage.  It helps my memory.  Details fade quickly when I don’t put them down in a composition for posterity.

Our car has been serviced by our faithful mechanic.  That part of the journey is one that I have great confidence.  Furthermore, our trusty car is filled with snacks, cooler with cold beverages and a GPS to get us from here to there.

I have done something unusual.  The hotels that we need along the way have all been contacted, they have received my money and now a room awaits us at key stops along the way.  It’s no fun being on a trip and not having a place to spend the night.

When we left the house after church, I ran back into the house because I remembered something that I wanted to bring.  It happened so many times that I was laughing out loud at myself during my last run into the house.   My memory is as sharp as a blunt pencil.

But, in earnest we start driving in the morning.  We don’t have an ETD.  After all, we are on vacation.  The route for our trip is more general than it is specific.  That’s what vacations are all about, right?

Time will fly by as we journey from one stop to the next.  But, I hope that my spirit will be rejuvenated along the way.  That’s what vacations do, right?

photo credit: brucefong photography