Travel days on a vacation road trip can’t be avoided.  Getting from point A to point B are required.  But, they can be enjoyable too.

For us the 5 plus hour journey to Portland was a highlight.  That was are farthest destination north on this trip.  Our daughter and son-in-law live there.

But, there are more lives in the NW that spark our interest.  We have a bit of an extended family in that largest city of the Beaver State.  There is more than blood that connects; love has knitted our hearts together as real family.

So we shift from natural wonders to delightful fellowship.  Laughter emerges as we reminisce with those who are close to us.  We share matters of the highest level of intercession.

Lives that began a parallel course decades ago keep fueling that amazing phenomena of joy and family.  Can you love someone who is not blood so much that you simply acknowledge what is true, you are family.  That’s how close we are to some, a very select few who mean that much to us.

With the notion of family comes loyalty, faithfulness, devotion, celebration, shared life moments, dreams, hopes and longings.  From meal to meal we meet with special lives that mean that much to us.  They always will mean that much to us.

Social mores will not commonly approve of this kind of musing.  But, we arrange our family by sovereign design.  That is the beauty of real family.

God gave us that the word fellowship.  It is more than a party spirit.  This connective tissue of life and love is resilient, a product of an attachment that is true.  Since it is real, acquiescing to its presence leads to a joy in life that is a glimpse of what heaven in eternity will be like. 

Do you have earthly connections that are this tight?  Can you pick up fellowship after long spells of absence as if you had never been apart?  Does interest in each other’s lives grope for news, moments of rejoicing and longing when an embrace, a handshake filled with meaning and a realization that food was just an excuse?  The wonders of creation have been spectacular.  Whether it is a vast natural marvel or a hidden underground treasure, they are mere distractions on the way to lives that mean the world to us.  God’s greatest gift to us is life.  This is a genuine unending joy.

photo credit: brucefong photography