Sunday is a day for church.  It’s the first day of the week and we honor our Lord with worship.  For our family it is a habit of life and a delightful routine that we all love.

Our daughter and son-in-law have found a church home.  We joined them to experience the excitement with them.  It’s an unusual name for a church but a very memorable name.

The name is actually Latin.  How weird is that?  It means Image of God.

When were getting ready we talked about the normal dress code.  We are adaptable and will do what we should do when we are in Rome. 

My son-in-law reflected that he would be wearing shorts and a shirt.  That sounded wonderfully relaxing to me.  So, I joined him and went very casual.

Nearly a thousand filed into the auditorium with us.  Many stopped to picked up a cup of coffee on their way in.  Smiles abounded.

The gathering place is a horseshoe shape.  All of the seats wrapped around the stage.  Musicians climbed the stairs on to the stage as they showed up.  There was no formal entrance of the whole group at once.

There was a mixture of electric and acoustic instruments.  The music was mellow, understated so as to draw worshippers into their own expression.  I was moved.

The speaker delivered a thoughtful message from Acts 2.  He explained the Scriptures and applied them witha personal challenge to all of us.  That was followed by a climax with observing the Lord’s Table, Communion.

After we were dismissed old friends came over and greeted us.  It was fun to enjoy a long overdue reunion, catch-up with blessed lives and hear of faith adventures.  Worship was a sheer delight.

Then seven of us went out to lunch.  Healthy brunch with vegetarian selections enhanced great conversation.  It is a wonder how the channel of intercession could get any busier as we lift up good friends and family before the throne of grace.

We relaxed with a new release movie.  It’s a family tradition that is always fun.  We love the adventure of a great story on the silver screen.

Day 7 ended with an amazing rendezvous.  Great friends gathered for a meal at a local eatery.  I lost count of how many came.

But, the years of friendship represented by these faithful colleagues.  Our families have grown.  Each of our lives have been marked with blessing.

photo credit: family portrait