Green is common, too common.  There’s usually so much of it around that we are oblivious to its uniqueness.  This time I stumbled across several moments to see and marvel.

The leaves were close to the ground.  These were like a lost part of a massive backdrop that highlighted the colorful flowers.  Yet, this plant had a remarkable beauty all of its own.

They are shaped like a platter or wide part of a canoe paddle.  Each leaf was symmetrical.  God the master creator painted another leaf on the inside of these leaves. 

He used the color of yellowish-green from his pallet.  It served as an outline of the interior leaf replica.  Overlaid on this design was the interior drawing of another leaf with bold dark green as its base color.

Amazingly, the depiction of the second leaf also had a narrow picture on it.  Almost like a feather with its straight stem, its leaf spread out, narrow but complementary to the real leaf and secondary depiction.  It was all too fabulous.

Next to that once ordinary background of  a plant was another stunning depiction of green.  The lesson of looking for the special ordinary that I had just learned had a chance for immediate application.

The leaves on this plant were long, narrow and finished off with a gentle point.  The central stem on this again amazingly symmetrical form was highlighted with yellow-green as if a painter customized each leaf.  This painted stroke did not stop with the central vein but etched the radiating lines too.

Behind these colorful patterned leaves were common leaves that were all in green.  They served as a background to these highlighted leaves.  It was a menagerie that I would have totally missed on any kind of walk, only seen when I paused and gazed.

In this tropical paradise the leaves and plants were doused with an abundant spray of imitation rain.  Water drops decked the leaves of my next visit.  It was a palm like leaf.

Like a giant feather, it grew out of the foliage away from the trail.  Light hit the leaves and made the plant sparkle.  I half expected the sounds of a stringed instrument to start playing. 

Sometimes what is common, prolific or lost in the background will astound us if we just slow down enough to enjoy it.  Green is beautiful.  Natural green that is, the green that is a lot of the Creator’s phenomenal filler in His awesome creation.

photo credit: brucefong photography