Four years ago my son Justin made a suggestion, “Dad, I think you ought start a blog.”  “Really,” I replied, “What’s a blog?”

Why was my son looking at my like I was some sort of alien from another planet?  He tried to explain what this means of communication was all about.  I remember him being quite patient and careful as he chose simple monosyllabic terms for my benefit. 

I still had no clue what he was talking about.  So, he directed me to several sites on the World Wide Web (I knew what that was!) where I could do some reading and see what was going on in the real world of cyberspace.  Blog is a term that was derived from web log, hence “blog”.

It wasn’t long before I was intrigued.  Some of the posts of writers captured my attention.  They made me ponder current events, spiritual ideas, consider tactics in reasoning and deep thoughts. 

At the same time I observed human anger, sarcasm and a baseness among humans.  There is a potential that every person has.  We can too easily assume that our opinion is always right because “I can’t be as wrong as you.”

I set about making an objective.  The goal of my blog is to encourage others on their journey through life.  Like discovering a wayside place for a refreshing beverage, a comfortable place to rest or pleasant conversation with a new friend, that’s what my blog is.

Our conversations are not about controversial arguments, opinions of extreme prejudice and certainly not about criticism of others.  Rather, these moments are all about encouragement, cheer, depth of thought, with the objective to bring refreshment to continue the journey.  Hope is at the heart of stopping here for a visit.

If we laugh, great.  If we find relife, fabulous.  Most of all if we find consideration of what Jesus Christ means to us on our journey, then outstanding!

Life is both marvelous and mysterious.  It is marvelous as we enjoy family, friends and great adventure.  Yet, it is also mysterious, because life is temporary. 

There is an eternity, however.  Heaven and the alternative are real.  Getting there on our temporary journey in life is worth our consideration.

If we live our lives without consideration of the end in mind we may very well have wasted or life.  Investing in eternity now is wise.  Enjoy your journey and thanks for stopping by for a visit.