The Autumn season is without a doubt my favorite time of year.  It concludes the fun summer months.  Ushers in the chilly winter months.

For my life it is a time when so much begins.  Beginnings are thrilling.  It is a fresh start no matter how tough the previous year was. 

In the life of ministry programs start.  The long build up to Christmas and Easter begin in the Autumn months.  Planning occupies so much of our time.

One of the great past times for me starts in the Autumn too.  It is the great game of football.  The grid iron is surrounded by tens of thousands of people.

Marching bands entertain the fans before the game and during half time.  Good friends fire up the portable grills and tailgate parties bring laughter, hopes and dreams.  We break out our jackets, wool caps and gloves.

The whistles signal the kick-off.  Highly trained athletes give thirty minutes of their blood, sweat and tears to move the pig skin 100 yards more times than their opponents.  It is war in the friendliest of terms.

Pundits take turns trying to play the role of prophet.  They try to predict the outcome of the season.  Into their experience they try to analyze strengths, weaknesses, schedules and best their colleagues and correctly declare who the champions will be.  No one really listens to them.

The big flat screen TV’s turn on.  That’s why many of us invested in that entertainment option.  Football is spectacular on the big screen.

We cheer until our voices disappear.  As the strain of humanity crash into each other on the field we lean, twist, jump and scream at the players who can’t hear us.  Our hope is that we can inch them one way or another to gain an extra yard, reach a few more inches or run a little faster.

Why does the sound of Kevlar smashing into fellow competitors attract so much attention?  Cheerleaders join in the raucous celebration.  Celebrities belt out the national anthem.

Spectacular half time shows give the competition a little glitz as a break in the action.  Families and friends eat up a huge spread of BBQ, bags of chips and cans of nuts.  Football is an American icon.

The passion for this Autumn entertainment can’t be explained.   It can only be enjoyed.  I am always ready for some football.  I love this game!

photo credit: google image