Time is a precious commodity that must be spent or it will time itself out automatically.  We can’t get it back if it slips away.  It is not just losing time but life that doesn’t take advantage of opportunities is a life that will be filled with regret.

My office hours are always filled.  People believe that their issues are important.  That is normal and right.

But, they then assume that their concerns are equally shared by others.  Priorities or obsessions in their minds need an outlet.  We who are called to be pastors become the objects of that sharing.

That calls for time spent with them.  It is a worthy investment.  God’s people need shepherding and this is part of that high and holy calling.

Between appointments and in those gathering of hours during the day, I find snatches to bury my heart and mind into my studies.  There are not enough daylight hours to accomplish what is necessary.  My evening hours give me some options.

I read and read and read during the hours when the sun has set.  Thinking fills in the gaps between reading.  Meditation is the art form of those quiet hours. 

It’s a busy life.  So far I have NOT watched an entire football game this season.  I’ll catch a chunk of a quarter and catch up on the internet for the outcome. 

My Detroit Tigers are in the ALCS this year.  I have only seen a few innings.  Game 4 was played and I missed it completely. 

The U of M Wolverines are on a roll and MSU is playing well.  But, I end up scanning over the results page on the internet news.  Arghh!  Life is way too busy.

Life is very busy when there is not enough time for football.  That’s a barometer of being occupied beyond reason.  But, it is a season.

No one can keep up this kind of pace for long.  Instead, it is a matter of being challenged just beyond what is reasonable.  Dialing it down happens enough to catch a couple of deep breaths of fresh air.

I keep on treading water, launching a few strong strokes toward a good goal and thanking God for a great past week.  Then, it is time to reload and go after it all over again.  Some fires are out, others smolder and thankfully few are growing.  But, no time for football? It’s time to punt?

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