My buddies have been looking forward to our reunion as much as I have.  We will meet half way.  All of us are heading to the airport today.

We will all leave from an international airport.  Then, we will connect at another international airport.  There some guys will drive but others will hop on to a puddle jumper and make the last distance in the fuselage of a turbo propeller driven commuter plane.  I’m one of the latter guys.

When guys get together for an adventure, they pack light.  There are no suits, no ties, no briefcases, no displays, no brochures, nothing that is for show but instead everything functional.  Still, stuffing everything in my duffel bag calls for contemplation of the highest level of thinking.

All of my stuff was on the floor.  Piles of necessities we neatly folded.  I thought through each choice.

More importantly, I considered our outdoor activities and the past experiences of weather.  Inside a cabin the fire keeps us warm.  Food entertains us and the satellite TV takes from game to game.

But during the days we are in the out-of-doors.  Sometimes we are on ATV’s zipping over thee rocky ground, dodging boulders and fording streams.  Other times we have been racing across the plateaus on dirt bikes.

When the weather is really tough we are in a 4×4 peering through snow storms, squinting through cloud bursts or dilating our eyes through the stingy light of the morning dawn.  But, we are in the middle of God’s creation.  Our eyes see what very few humans every see.

Maybe it’s that rare moment of being engulfed with His marvelous hand of artistry.  I have always loved the sunrise.  It is the beginning of something new that we can seize and make it worth closing our eyes at the end of the day satisfied that we have lived well.

Over dinner we men will feast.  We always have.  The teasing is prolific.  That’s how guys express their devotion to each other.

Memories are sealed not just in pictures but in shared experiences.  Our lungs are cleansed in the outdoor air.  Each of  us can decompress from high stress and demanding jobs. 

Now, men can be men.  The rough tough determination of our kindred spirits united.  It is the kind of friendship that edges against the dangers of life and emerges stronger in our everlasting enjoyment of a bond of brothers…sort of.

photo credit: google image