My alarm clock wasn’t necessary.  True to historical form I was not sleeping soundly.  It was the first night in a new bed away from home.

Sleep is a precious commodity.  But, when it is elusive, then it finds penalties throughout the day.  When God made our bodies, He designed to need sleep.  If we fail to sleep we will get tired.

But, it’s not all bad.  Deep sleep is coming.  It will catch up to us and we will drift off in a car, nod off during a television show or rest our eyes for a moment during a telephone conversation. 

There is one good benefit that comes from getting up early.  With the necessities out-of-the-way, it is time to climb the stairs and greet others who are also awake.  I wasn’t the only one who could not sleep well last night.

We exchange greetings.  Our host welcomes us to a new day.  He points to the scene outside and I marvel with a smile.

The darkness of the night is disappearing.  Radiance from the East is glowing and now bursting on the scene.  Great blends of reds, oranges and yellows spill into the sky.  It is called a sunrise.

Getting up early offers the reward of a special scene especially spectacular.  I am mesmerized for a few moments.  The beautiful portrait of creation is constantly changing.

Soon the day arrives.  Landscape landmarks pop out of the shadows.  There is a familiar texture in the landscape. 

Birds fly overhead.  A pair of large St. Bernard dogs barks enthusiastically.  Their lovable faces and slobbery welcome is part of life here on the plateaus of Wyoming.

In the early dawn my eyes shift to movement to my right.  A rabbit hops out of view looking for safety from overhead predators.  Then a small herd of pronghorn antelope stare at me.  When they are uncomfortable they bound away at amazing speeds.

We drive through rock formations that deserve a long look.  Balanced on a spire is another rock.  God left this for us to wonder.

A large Mule deer watches our journey.  He and his family dart away, zigzagging through the forest of pine trees.  They saunter through one of the meadow that defines pristine means in God’s creation.

Man is here too.  Ranches, trailers, roads and reservoirs make this home for a few.  Cars, trucks and trains travel through this region.  It is peaceful, relaxing and meaningful.  It is Wyoming.

 photo credit: google image