Every time I walked through the garage that box sat quietly, unassuming and patient.  It was too heavy to get moved around much.  There were a lot of items that were stacked on top of it.

This was a Christmas gift from my brother. He has one.  After stopping by our place on numerous occasions, he realized that I could use one too.

It’s been six months since he dropped it off.  Only twice has he asked if I have used it yet.  Once I stopped by his place and saw his.  I liked what I saw.

This is a motorcycle dolly.  It is a heavy-duty ramp on casters.  When a motorcycle is loaded on the ramp and locked into place, anyone can push it around a small garage.

It makes so much sense.  Right now I have to do a 20 point turn to do a 180 with my bike.  This unit will allow me to spin the bike around.

Furthermore, I can push the bike around into tight spaces.  Our garage is smallish.  We have storage challenges and the garage is the overflow.

This dolly is a great idea and a makes very good sense for compact living.  I have seen it in use and I was even more convinced that it is a useful unit.  It even looks good.

The challenge is implementation.  No, it’s not a matter of putting something into use. I’m ready for that and have been for months.

A bigger problem exists.  First, our garage was buried under a lot of stuff that needed to be given away to the Salvation Army.  It took months to get a truck here to take our extra furniture. 

Once that stuff was gone, I could finally get to the box that packaged the dolly.  It was heavy.  The dolly is made out of steel and supports a heavy motorcycle, so it has to be strong.

I unpacked the carton.  Now, I was ready to face what I have ignored for so long.  The challenge of implementation was staring at me: assembly required. 

At least those who packaged this unit did not suggest that “some” assembly was required.  No one who sells this kind of product ever puts on the carton “MAJOR” assembly required.  The package of bolts, washers and nuts was loaded a massive number of parts that needed assembly.  It’s almost done!

photo credit: google image