The door bell rang.  I bounded to the front door with enthusiasm.  My hand wrapped around the door knob, tightened with a firm grip and twisted with a pull to reveal our guests who had come for our first Thanksgiving dinner of the year.

Smiles, squeals and salutations erupted when our eyes met.  People crowded into our home and the sound of people celebrating did not end.  Coats, scarves and shoes were left at the entry while hungry appetites and expectations for fun populated our little home.

All were family.  These relatives were eager to lend a hand in the kitchen.  Food was filling up every empty space on our counter.

A vegetable dish of young tender gailon caught my eye.  Next to it was a huge pot of black mushrooms.  Mash potatoes, sweet yams and meatballs were added to the growing feast.

Soup was simmering on the back burner.  The dessert of apple crunch cobbler was being basted.  Beverages of every kind both cold and hot were ready at the corner of the counter.

Bread was adding its aroma to the delectable of the table fare.  The cranberry sauce was lost in the shuffle.  Literally, it was sliced, place on a serving dish and forgotten in the refrigerator for the umpteenth year. 

But, the star of the show was making its regular appearance.  The centerpiece of the celebration was slowly roasting in the oven.  Periodically, it had to be taken out and turned.  That manly muscle job was mine.

When our star cook, my wonderful wife, gave me the signal, I approached the oven with hot pads in each hand.  Opening the oven the door was like a signal to all of the ravenous carnivores to begin salivating.  Heads turned, eyes dilated and smiles erupted.

I hauled that bird out of the oven and transported it safely to the stove.  Yvonne deftly turned the turkey over, basted it appropriately and recovered it with foil.  My role repeated itself in reverse order.

Back into the oven ol’ Tom went.  The door was shut for more roasting time.  But, the aroma was now a part of the kitchen promise of a feast for the year.

Roughly on time, our family crowded into the kitchen.  We bowed our heads to our father in heaven, gave thanks for His blessings and bounty then in semi-orderly fashion we filled our plates and feasted.  I thank God for yummy family!

photo credit: google image