Mix assassins, espionage, secret police, the Kremlin and IMF with betrayal, lies, murder, mayhem and explosives and you have the makings for an entertaining movie.  The IMF team led by Nathan Hunt are on the verge of pulling off an incredible act of international data theft when they are victims of a massive frame.   The Soviet bastion of socialism crumbles at the enormous charge of explosives.

Soviet leaders accuse the USA of an unprovoked attack on its sovereign territory.  In order to prevent an uncontrolled escalation, the US President initiates “Ghost Protocol” which disavows the entire IMF.  Secretly, Hunt is allowed to escape  in order to find the real culprit behind the Kremlin bombing.

A Russian Swede is discovered to be the conspirator directing a plan to destroy the world by starting a nuclear war.  He wants a new start of human evolution by wiping out what exists.  The Kremlin was destroyed in order for him to obtain the nuclear launch codes, essential for sending Russian missiles into America.

Hunt’s team not only faces a powerful enemy and does so without support, they also discover dynamics among themselves that fuel the tensions in the chase scenes, mortal combat and new-found loyalties.  The intricacies of the story fragment into nearly uncontrollable details but are held together by the impending danger of worldwide disaster.  This team of four heroes find their rhythm, battle to the limits of their human ability and discover how well-suited they are as a fighting thinking unit.

Chase scenes are a staple in action movies.  This film gets creative.  Besides the flying through the air with no wings, using trademark IMF disguises and pumping up horsepower, there is even the part of a natural sand storm to join in the chase.

The stunts in this movie are amazing.  Rapidly, sequences are heart-pounding, mentally engaging and stunningly filmed.  If you like a story that is told well and moves across the silver screen with blazing speed this movie is for you.

Yet, the action is balanced with the human element of personal and emotional burdens that these agents are carrying.  The forces are so deep that they bleed into their determination to overcome an opponent, embrace a colleague or forgive a past infraction.

When the smoke filters away and the loud explosions die down and the gunfire silences, powerful human issues linger.  Guilt discovers relief.  Loneliness finds a home.  Obscurity is showered with significance. Love enjoys a lasting smile.

photo credit: google image