We were directed to our seats just in time to tease our neighbors who were munching on popcorn. Settling in was easy, the stage was close at hand and the view of the auditorium was excellent.  From our first entry we took in the details of the stage.

Close to curtain time the spotlights went on but not on the stage.  Rather powerful flood lights zeroed in on a comically dressed and goofy acting wild hair guy.  He was guiding guests to their seats.

He led them on a circuitous route, crowding already seated guests to the growing laughter of the audience.  There was a never-ending list of options that he used to grow attention under the lights.  Popcorn flew, guests laughed heartily, two were even led up to the stage, crossed it to applause and finally, was chased away by another actor.

The entire room came alive.  Taiko drummers dropped from the ceiling, rose up from the floor, descended to the center stage from all directions.  It was rhythmic and thunderous.  Percussion gives a rush like few other sounds can.

Athleticism and art form were blended into a production that is astounding.  The circus during my childhood wasn’t anything like this.  This extravaganza was amazing.

How can a human scamper up a pole as easily as spider climbs a wall?  Tumbling and contortions were mainstays in this show.  The image of God in all people is wonderfully creative.

The music and costuming were brilliant.  How could someone even think of all of this?  Once the thought had been born, how could anyone keep track of all that is going on? 

Movement set to music was the center of this entertainment.  Life as a mystery was the theme.  All of it blended together in breathtaking demonstration.

Humor was sprinkled throughout the show.  A big little baby girl won our ooh’s.  We laughed at her.

Audience participation could have been plants.  If they were, they were very convincing.  That added to the fun throughout the night.

Artists not only kept the action moving, the stage joined in on the movement.  Multi-sections of the stage would move up and down, round and round to add to the coordination of each phase of the show.  It was amazing.

Dance used to be what people do to have fun.  Here it is to demonstrate what humans can do to make it art in action.  I was blown away.

photo credit: google image