Who is qualified to represent God on this earth?  Each of us has flaws and have made mistakes that could be held against us by those who are obsessed with their own biases.  But, God’s mercy trumps all. 

When God brings His grace and invades our hopeless lives, we are undone.  As recipients of His goodness, we are stunned, realizing our failings more than ever, especially as we become aware that Jesus died for those sins.  It doesn’t bring us to neutral but brings us to eternal significance.

Then, among those who are forgiven, He taps some to step into service.  We who are among those given that special privilege are humbled that He considers us faithful for that calling.  In Him alone do we put our confidence and trust for service.

We live lives that are open to scrutiny.  Sin is all too real to us.  As such we live without fighting back, never defending ourselves against human accusations nor causing a ruckus but instead, trusting in His defense alone for our lives.  That is not easy.  Human allegations and insinuation are without mercy and unending. 

What drives us is not our personal defense against the critics. Rather, we live with the hope of winning the lost.  In their sin they are fearful of what the religious community will do them if their past is ever discovered and made a public spectacle.  Therefore, we who serve the merciful God preach Christ, not ourselves. 

Satan is a formidable foe.  He has infiltrated the lives of unbelievers and blinded them.  Only the merciful light of Christ can bring redemption into their lives. 

This amazing power of transformation is the message we must preach.  It is the hope of the lost.  We who have been called to preach this message must do so faithfully.

It is all about light.  This is more than a metaphor.  It is an expression of the kind of hope that God gives.  The contrast with the darkness where all believers have once been, is the stunning difference.

Why would we want to emulate the darkness from where we have come?  Can any believer claim to be so righteous that they can become an obstacle to those who give their lives completely to Christ?  It’s better to be gracious, that matches the mercy of God.

2 corinthians 4.1-6

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