Who likes to feel sickness coming on?  You wake up in the morning and you just don’t feel rested.  In fact the weariness and fatigue are red flags that all is not right.

My day is filled with activities.  We go to our first destination.  I check my watch.  It’s only 9AM and I’m feeling tired.  Rats, that’s an ugly moment.

We head out to cheer on good friends who are embroiled in an athletic endeavor.  It’s fun.  We cheer and laugh.  Now, I’m really feeling tired.

My suspicions drag on as we finish up the day with a lot of miles, family celebration, errands that take me from one location to the next.  I know that I am feeling the invasion of a bug.  My throat is starting to get scratchy.

My longing eyes gaze at my wonderful in-home health care provider, my wife.  She has seen my tired body dragging from one event to the next.  Several times I was hacking away with a dry cough.

She looked suspicious.  “Are you getting sick?” “Afraid so.”  Then, she lined up all of the suggestions to fight this malady while I still could.

Cough drops, hot tea, pushing liquids, plenty of rest and keeping warm.  After that I had to look over my schedule and cancel activities.  It was time to rest and attack this cold with aggressive options.

God lets us get sick to slow us down.  I’m convinced of this.  Sometimes we cut corners, multi-task and over commit.  That’s when He touches us in a way to get our attention. 

Phooey!  I know the theology behind it.  The TLC that Yvonne gives me is fabulous.  But, I still despise it when my body is not at my immediate disposal.  Get out of my body you evil little buggers!

photo credit: google image