My days begin with a cup of hot water.  I bring it into my office steaming from my extra-large mug.  It warms up my hands that cradle it to its proper place on my desk.

It welcomes a tea bag of green tea.  That beverage fights off the bad germs that fill the city air and threaten humans with colds, flu and coughs.  I love the simple drink to begin my day.

When the afternoon sleepiness sets in there are options with the beverages at hand.  A cup of black tea is a pick-me-up.  Or caffeinated beverage sometimes does the trick. 

At home I enjoy using my soda machine.  I rarely add a flavor to the carbonated beverage.  Rather I down a glass of sparkling water just for the fizz.

Once in a while I’ll join Yvonne and drink a glass of fruit juice.  We do that for health benefits.  Sometimes it is orange, apple or grape.  For variety we’ll try cranberry.

Over the years we have lived in great places where the tap water is delicious.  Oregon water was fabulous.  It came from the Bull Run reservoir.

It is such a precious resource in Oregon that the area is protected.  In the heavily forested area around the reservoir human traffic is strictly regulated.  Citizens love their Oregon water and insist that officials protect it.

There are some places that I have lived where the water out of the tap is awful.  It smells peculiar.  The taste is unpleasant. 

Processed water is purchased in those areas, crowded with people.  Filters and additives have been a common mainstay in some of those areas.  Once you get into the habit of sipping your beverage of water, the odor, sparkling clarity and pure taste are all standards that we apply.

There is some water that is measures up to all three of these standards.  It is so good that I pass on every other additive or option and just choose the water.  With a smile that the locals understand, “I’ll have water.”

In the mornings while in Wyoming, I even pass on my traditional cup of tea.  A cool glass of delicious water is an easy choice.  My lips meet the edge of my glass, I generously tip the refreshing tap water, then drink long and deep.  Satisfaction.

When God put water in the Wyoming ground, He naturally filtered the water to be crystal clear.  It is delicious.  Water is the beverage of choice in Laramie.

photo credit: google image