It’s been decades since our smiles exchanged freely, face-to-face.  The years have been good to us all.  Our paths have followed different callings but something special has remained solid among us.

It was a reunion of sorts.  My bride of 35 years and I were back in the church where she had her spiritual roots.  I had the special treat of preaching that Sunday.

So many times a smiling countenance would slip up to us with that age-old inquiry, “Do you remember me?”  “Why of course we do, who-ever-you-are!”  Laughter would erupt from us all.

Sure there were many decades that left their mark on these frail bodies of ours.  But, there was also that sparkle of friendships forged in our faith.  Loyalties last over the years.

We rehearsed the experiences of the past years.  The abbreviated versions filled up conversations.  Delight brightened our smiles.  It is so good to be among friends whose friendships never waver, always believe, never get offended and always encourage.  That sounds rather Biblical, doesn’t it?

Our community is tight and family based.  Young adults came up and called us Uncle and Auntie.  No, there is no blood but just love and years of connection.  That part of my culture is something I cherish, have missed while I was away and ponder with deep joy again.

We exchanged numbers and email addresses and cell phone numbers for texting.  Our ages are up there but we have kept up with communication avenues.  Yeah, we’re hip!

Friends, real friends, are friends forever.  Circumstances can’t break those bonds forged by love.  Hugs and long embraces spoke of affections that are wholesome and real. 

Our world is a stranger to such devotion.  This kind of loyalty is not known outside of the family of Christ.  So we who enjoy it, treasure it as a true blessing for the ages.

Do you long for something like this?  Is your life filled with mistrust, betrayal and abandonment?  Do you find yourself suspicious of others, blaming people for your pain?  Would you hunger for honest, true friendships that defy the test of time, hardship and pain?  Jesus Christ is the beginning point for such joy.  Put your faith in Him and get ready to welcome treasured friendships into your life forever.

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