It wouldn’t have taken much to make me change my mind.  The wind was brisk.  Wind is one of those four letter words that bicyclists have high on their list of unfavorable conditions.

But, it’s the Pacific Ocean.  When doesn’t the wind blow?  The constant pummeling of the waves on to the shores of the California coast are proof that the wind is always rolling the surface of the waters to start their march to land. 

There were good features about today’s ride.  The sun was shining brightly.  It’s rays would help offset the cool temperatures brought about by the relentless winds. 

I saw a few joggers and cyclists who were already into their workout regimen.  They were all bundled up well.  Collars were turned up, jackets were zipped up to their necks and some even wore a balaclava. 

My mount was ready to roll into action.  My helmet was on, gloves tightened and peddle cages adjusted to hold my feet into place.  Into the wind I pushed.

Only a few strokes into my ride and I was stunned at how deafening it was.  Wind noise was loud and pulsating.  That alone would wear and tear on my ride.

Chilly winds seeped into my jacket whenever unprotected folds opened even a small crack with the bending of my gear.  That initial coolness disappeared when my internal furnace warmed up my core with each stroke of the crankset.    But, the noise never stopped.  It was relentless.

It was like riding in a storm.  Gusts made the noise crescendo and force my thinking to bend to wonderment if riding today was a bad choice.  No one likes to get stuck in one of God’s weather moments that defies human comfort and safety.

However, everything changed when I reached my end point and turned around.  Now I started riding with the wind.  The contrast was even more shocking.

Now, there was NO noise.  I looked around to see if I had ridden into the eye of a storm where everything is calm and free from inclement weather.  The only thing that had changed was my direction.

Peddling was so much easiest that I dropped my shifting into a downhill combination.  The stout breezes now carried me along.  Swiftly the terrain melted on both sides and the asphalt drummed beneath my wheels.

Riding is both work and a breeze.  Today, the wind was both a foe and a friend.  All in all it was a great day to be outside and go with whatever was given.

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