Ah.  The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is a great day to take as a vacation day.  Getting ready for this family holiday is very relaxing. 

We ran all of our errands.  It was fast and efficient.  There were lots of holiday crowds that filled the aisles, waited in long check out lines and honked during traffic congestion.

With everything done we pulled into a strip mall for lunch.  The burrito was yummy.  Yvonne’s fried chicken was wonderfully fragrant.

Traffic around me was busy so I waited before backing out of my parking slot.  When the coast was clear, I put my truck into reverse and backed out.  Just when I was about to brake and shift my rig into drive, there was a slight jolt and a bang.

Doesn’t that sound and feeling make for a horrible combination?  There was no vehicle behind me.  No one was screaming.

But, there was an unmistakable certainty that I ran into something that gave way under Bubba’s strength and girth.  I pulled back into to my parking spot and climbed out of my cab.  There behind me on the opposite curb was a sign for Starbuck’s drive through entry. 

Yeah, I backed into a sign.  Dumb sign!  Who makes a sign so low that you can’t see it when you’re backing up?  The Seattle Coffee people do, I guess.

I’m a guy.  This kind of thing is irritating.  It happens but it is a nuisance, annoying and frustrating.

Inside the Starbuck’s store I talked to the shift supervisor.  I told her what happened.  She was very pleasant.  I gave her all of my pertinent information. 

Yvonne and I drove home.  There we enjoyed our lunch.  At least she did.  I was feeling kind of low.

A phone call to my insurance agent was helpful.  She was very accommodating and assured me that they would take care of everything.  But, it was still a disheartening moment.

Insurance is a good thing to have.  No, it is a necessary protection to have.  We pay the monthly premiums for these kinds of accidents.  It’s part of life.

The odds makers are betting that we will have an accident.  We are betting that we won’t.  I’m not really sure who wins that bet.

Oh well.  It is Thanksgiving and I have a lot of big blessings to be thankful.  I’ll start counting them one by one. 

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