Life for most of us needs to be simplified.  If we don’t regularly reassess our priorities, intricacies and demands make life ungainly.  Instead, we must choose a center and not deviate from it.

Those who follow Christ can make this choice simple.  Jesus Christ is the center of all that they do.  He has given them new life by grace through faith and deciding to live life with Him as the primary focus is both reasonable and commendable.

It’s not about people.  If we look to people and decide something positive or negative about them based on appearance we will get it wrong.  People in history did that with Jesus and erred greatly.

Instead, we who are followers of Christ refocus that anyone who is in Christ is a new creation.  What is past is past. Our identity and those in the body of Christ now find our identity in Him.  It is refreshing to be new!

The world is hungry for miracles.  He made us one of them.  We are now reconciled with an Almighty God whom we offended deeply because of our selfish sinful way of living.  He did this through Christ’s great sacrifice on the cross where our sins were paid.

Forgiveness is a relief in life that has no comparison.  Not only can we breathe a sigh of relief, we can rejoice in His grace.  But, with blessing comes responsibility.

As a recipient of amazing grace, we now represent Him to others who need this same mercy that has been given to us.  We tell others is if God is actually speaking through us.  The message is now personal and we are charged to share it with others.

It’s time to embrace what Christ made possible.  Enjoy fellowship with the Father in Heaven.  Take in the reconciliation benefits of being a friend of God.

Always remember Jesus Christ.  His obedient sacrifice made it possible for us.  Love Him for loving us. 

He has given us peace.  Embrace it, celebrate it, enjoy it.  But, most of all share it with others.  Let others gather the conclusion that our lives have been saved and now are secure in HIM.

2 corinthians 5.16-21