It was time to go out for a meal.  We were feeling adventurous so we called up to look for a highly recommended restaurant. 

Tonight we found a restaurant that was highly ranked for great food.  Different people complimented the taste, friendliness and overall experience.  Several key dishes were highlighted as well.

We walked in about 5.20PM.  There were only three tables that were occupied but a buzz of activity was stirring around the cash register and the serving window to the kitchen.  Nothing in the restaurant was noticeable when it comes to decor just as reviews on Yelp had concurred.

After looking over the menu, we made our selections.  The waitress was also the cashier, packager of take-out foods and greeter of the take-out customers who came in with hunger on their faces.  During a break of delivering package after package of take-out items I waved her down.

It was almost like surprising her when I called her over.  Yes, we are areal customers in your eatery looking forward to our first dining experience with you.  She smiled, took our order and served us a pot of tea.

Ten minutes passed.  Customers for take-out kept streaming in and picking up their dinner.  I was impressed with the steady stream of customers.

Twenty minutes passed.  All of the food that the cooks were passing through the window were in styrofoam carry-out containers. I was getting hungry.

Thirty minutes passed.  Now, my hunger was getting me grumpy.  I waved at the hostess.  She smiled and waved back, “Soon!”

The waitress disappeared into the kitchen and returned to bring us some hot soup that we did not order.  It was complimentary to soothe our hunger pangs.  This was a nice gesture and it worked.

Forty minutes later she brought our first dish.  She apologized and said that the take-out orders flood their place from 5-630PM.  That was accurate since after all of our food was on our table, she and cooks were relaxing, sitting down and reading the paper.  It was stunning to see the transformation.

By the way, the food was very good.  There’s nothing about the ambiance of the place but the taste and portions were worth returning, just not during this madhouse take-out hour.  God tests our patience.  Hunger is one of those testing grounds that is a huge challenge for our demanding appettites.

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