It was my turn to prepare dinner.  My creative juices began to flow.  Yvonne would be coming home from work plumb tuckered out.  This would be a chance to relieve her of another rock on her wagon.

In my mind I knew that there were several options that I had at my disposal.  My work day was filled so I had a window of opportunity to make our meal work before returning to my work for an evening session.

Once inside of my rig I smiled as I roared past Burger King.  No, there would be no fast food tonight.  Then, I zipped past the local chain restaurant where we have eaten a few times in the past.  Tonight we would not pay others to do what I initiated.

There ahead of me was my destination.  I pulled into the parking lot, looked at my watch and concluded that I could get this all done in time to set up dinner by the time Yvonne rolled into the driveway.  This was going to be a slick dinner preparation and she would see my gift of service just for her.

I grabbed a grocery cart and pushed it to the back of the store.  Crowds of people filled the meat aisle.  It didn’t take me long to grab what I needed.

Next, I headed toward the produce section.  Green and more green surrounded me.  Frankly, I was at a loss.  Then, a novel idea splashed in my mind.  Reaching out I grabbed what I needed and headed to the cash register.

When I pulled up to our house, I was pleased that Yvonne was not yet home.  Inside I set the table and laid out the meal for our dinner for two prepared by my initiative.  It felt good to welcome her home and lead her into the kitchen.

She sat down with a smile.  It was a surprise dinner.  She was expecting to cook but now she could relax. 

I popped the top of the Costco roasted whole chicken and carved it with skill.  Then, I served the miso vegetable soup that Costco sells in packages of two.  Hey, it wasn’t cooked by me but I did do the gathering. 

Furthermore, I warmed it all up just to a perfect temperature.  Most of all, Yvonne really enjoyed the meal!  God may not have given me culinary gifts but He has given me several efficient bones in my body!

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